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RA EVENTS – the organizer of Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia – has been arranging various motorsport competitions in Latvia for more than 10 years. RA EVENTS strives to achieve the highest level of quality in each of its projects, serving as an example of good practice for others as well.

Following the global topicalities, as well as the initiatives put forward by the International Automobile Federation (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, FIA), in particular, the FIA Action for Environment programme, the organizer of Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia is willing to continue to pay increased attention to sustainability in 2022.

The aim of the Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia Sustainability Program is to reduce the negative impact on the environment by inviting all parties involved to think about the long-term future, by making responsible decisions and acting sustainably today. In order to implement this, it is necessary to be aware of, measure and control the impact of each process and activity on the environment, therefore, the rallycross organizer will encourage the rallycross competitors, media, staff, fans, as well as cooperation partners and suppliers to think about environmental protection and sustainability.


Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia calls for the following actions:

  1. Travel responsibly – optimize transport, accommodation and travel costs;
  2. Commute smartly – use the privilege of an event being held in a capital city, commute with bicycles of electric vehicles;
  3. Be respectful – towards the property of others, nature, and urban environment;
  4. Do not pollute the environment – reduce the amount of waste produced, choose recyclable products, collect waste;
  5. Sort waste – wherever and whenever possible, use waste sorting bins, always keep in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle;
  6. Reduce resources used – the consumption of water, energy, fuel and electricity, waste and printing materials;
  7. Be socially responsible – employ local businesses and people, make the event accessible to people with disabilities;
  8. Make responsible choices for sustainable living – choose environmentally friendly products, reducing their ecological footprint and impact on the environment.


Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia encourages to consider environmental issues not only during the rallycross weekend, but also on a daily basis – by evaluating our everyday habits, there is an opportunity to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia team is convinced that the choice is ours to make, and today we choose sustainable future.


Ferratum World RX of Rīga-Latvia environmental policy can be viewed HERE.

On 20.07.2021. RA EVENTS has signed an agreement No. SKV-TL-2021/15 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for support provided under the “Promotion of international competitiveness” framework that is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.